Elf On The Shelf

Our first year with Cookie <3

Day One : Playing Cards with Friends

Day 2: Sitting Pretty

Day 3: Watching some TV with Minnie & Mickey

Day 4: Choo Choo

Day 5: Watching and Feeding The Frogs

Day 6: Wishing me Happy Birthday

Day 7: Admiring Disneyland pictures

Day 8: Bath Time

Day 9:  Self Portraits

Day 10: Part of the family now

Day 11: Playing with the cars

Day 12: Cookie's Favorite Drink

Day 13: Arts N Crafts

Day 14: Letter to Santa

Day 15:  Swinging

Day 16:  Story Time

Day 17: Decorating the Tree

Day 18:  Ready to go to Vegas

Day 19:  Settled for a Camping Trip

Day 20: SMORES

Day 21: Hide and Seek

Day 22: Welcome back from Vegas!

More to come need to finish the upload.....