Friday, October 6, 2017

Come to Collect

Who is ready to practice some math skills!!

Using a deck of cards, players practice their addition and subtraction skills while flicking cards. When two cards land face up, the player who's the first to respond with the correct answer collects the cards. Whoever ends up collecting all of the cards will be declared the winner!

What You Need:

-Deck of playing cards
-Scratch paper
-2 Players

What You Do:

1. Shuffle the deck of cards and distribute them evenly among the 2 players.
2. Announce that face cards count as 10, and aces are 1.
3. Before flipping a card, the players should decide if the operation they'll perform will be addition or subtraction. 
4. Then, they flick a card out in front of them. If it lands face down, he should continue to flick cards until one lands face up. Then the next player flicks cards until a second card is face up.
Once two cards land face up, the first player to solve the equation and give the correct answer aloud wins the cards on the ground.
5. The player who ends up accumulating all of the cards is the winner!

Variation: For a more advanced version of this game, try multiplying the cards.

Thanks to Shannon from for this fun and learning card game.