Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday FunDay!!!

Started something new this weekend.  I am going to make my Sunday's meal prep day.  WOW does that every take a lot of work.  So all the fruit and veggies are washed and prepped. I found out that when I started and planned the meals we had no Chicken so I had to switch it up a little.

  1. Breakfast Bowls - roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese. Make ahead Breakfast Bowls.  Thanks to thirty handmade days
  2. Taco Lunch Bowls - Ground Beef, Rice and Corn. Lunch Bowls. Thanks sweet peas and saffron
Prepared a bunch of chicken for fajitas, chicken Caesar Salad or  Chicken Avocado Burritos 
It took a better part of the day to complete but I am happy I am learning and ready to embrace this new change in our house.  No more eating out time to eat healthy <3

What are some of your tips and tricks for meal planning and prep?

Happiness Challenge
  1. Saturday we had to put fresh flowers on the table. Love that the hubby and little miss always pick me up some flowers on trips to Costco.
  2. Sunday was to hug someone you love (tight)!!! Not a shortage of people to hug in our house.  My youngest in taking part in this challenge and when she woke up today the first thing she did was to run and give me the biggest and tightest hug.
De-clutter Challenge
  1. Go through mail pile - so happy that I don't really have a mail pile. I normally open and file pretty darn quick.  One think I do hate is old mail.
  2. Sunday clean off your kitchen table - This is always such a task, right now it is covered with Lego. Time to put that all away too!!
So far I am on top of this all and still need to get through my other 100 days challenge which I was to get into my craft room and do some scrap booking.  I have so many projects that need completing and starting.   I am off to get the baby shower invites put together. Need to be in the mail on Tuesday.