Friday, April 29, 2016

The Big DVD Purge

Day 18 - DVD Collection

Tips to help with The Great DVD Purge
- Return any that don't belong to you
- Purge any that you haven't watched in over a year (or whatever
  time period you think is reasonable)
- Purge any that you don't enjoy
- Purge any that you don't anticipate watching again
- Purge any that you forgot you even had (they obviously aren't
  very important to you and you won't miss them if they're gone
- Purge any that you only watch occasionally and you know you
  can borrow from someone else or get from the library.
- Give away any that you know someone else will enjoy more than
Now you are done the purge you can give some to friends or family or neighbors that you know will appreciate them, Donate them or Sell them. Just don't keep them hanging around for weeks.
*Note: According to copyright laws, you can't have a digital copy without the original (unless you purchased it digitally of course). That means you can't give away or sell a CD or DVD and keep the digital copy.
My plan is to remove all my DVDs and store is smaller media cases to avoid the clutter look on our bookshelves. I found some great ones on amazon and now to wait for them to come in. My idea found at DVD Organization