Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 10 in 40 Bags 40 Days

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Day 10 - WOW! Only 30 more days to go. I do believe this is the longest I have made it through a declutter/organize challenge. 

 The Pantry


I should probably clean ours on a weekly basis as things get moved and misplaced all the time.
Here are a few tips to help simplify your pantry:
Once you’ve decided which items to keep stocked, clear out the whole pantry and give it a good clean out.
Get rid of any foods that are out of date, consolidate any duplicate packets.
Group like items together.
When replacing items in your pantry, make sure everything is in it’s own sealed container. Rectangular containers will save you space in the pantry. The important thing is to get containers that seal tightly and are big enough to fit a whole packet of food so you avoid half-empty packets in the pantry.
Finally, create a menu plan that uses up all the ingredients you no longer want to store in your pantry – enjoy the variety without the waste.

What might be some of your suggestions to keep a pantry organized and simplified?