Wednesday, April 13, 2016

40 Bags In 40 Days

It is Day 3 if you are following on my Facebook Page.  Though I would share some of my progress already.  It is actually very refreshing to clean and cleanse. 

Day 3 ‪#‎40bags40days‬ Kitchen Drawers. 
Here are a few tips to organize your drawers quickly:
As you review the contents of each drawer, throw away anything that should be trashed. Keep the toss bag within arms reach so you can work faster. Be on the lookout for items you never or rarely use. Put items you rarely use in a small box so you can later determine a better location. Place items you never use in a donation box. If there’s a 99.9% chance you never use it, go ahead – donate those items!
1. Start with the easy drawers.
2. Remove contents from cluttered drawers. Take everything out and place items on the counter. This will help deter you from putting anything back that doesn’t belong. It will also help you group and categorize items neatly in the drawer.
3. Vacuum and wipe the drawers out as you organize.
If you already have drawer organizers, use them! If you don’t, take note of organizers you may want to purchase in the future.  Were you flabbergasted at the amount of random items you uncovered today? Give yourself a pat on the back!
We will meet back here tomorrow!!!
How is your progress coming? Share your pictures.

Before Under Kitchen Sink
 After the Clean 

 Before Bathroom #1 Cupboards

 And After
I ran out of time to clean the master bathroom cupboard on Day 2 but with the help of my little girl we tackled it and complete that task today.