Tuesday, April 19, 2016

40 Bags 40 Days

I am already at Day 8 on my #40bags#40days simplify challenge.  I am actually enjoying this challenge this time around as it is actually very relaxing to get rid of stuff and do a deep clean at the same time.  Spring has Sprung and my cleaning is well underway.

Today's task is your Main Bedroom Closet.

1. Empty out everything and start to simplify. Now is the time to get rid of everything you  
have not used in the past 12 months.
2. Sort into piles DONATE, SELL, TRASH
3. Place back into closet. Before you start, think about how you would like things organized. 
This is a great Tool or This for your Purses
4. Utilize all your space
5. Look for unique storage items

I had a pretty big mess doing this and managed to get lots to donate, sell and yes even trash. I am trying the turn your hangers around for 6 months and at the end of 6 months if they are still turned around then it is time to donate or sell. 


DONATE SELL TRASH (four bags) 


Hope you are following along and still enjoying my daily posts. Please share some of your before and after pictures with me.