Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sorting Through Thousands of Digital Images.

If you’re like me, your photos are cluttering up your computer, the good shots buried amid those you probably don’t want to scroll through—or even keep. You probably never rated and tagged all those shots when you imported them, putting it off until another day when you’d have some free time.
Well, that day has arrived. But it doesn’t have to be the massive undertaking that it seems. Here’s a five-point strategy for cleaning up your photos.  The goal is to make it easier to find the photos you care about, not to have the process overwhelm your life. I am using Photoshop Elements 13.
1. Find and Remove Duplicates
One goal in cleaning up your library is to reduce the number of photos you need to examine. If you suspect that some photos are duplicates you need to get rid of them.
2.  Group Images into Albums
I think of albums in their analog incarnation—paper books that contain a selection of photos pulled from a shoebox (or drawer, or cabinet, or steamer trunk). As such, I find myself creating albums only for specific events that I want to refer to later, rather than trying to organize everything into discrete albums.
3. Remove Unwanted Images
And now we come to the “clean up” portion of the new-year cleanup. You can push toys into the corners of your room for only so long before you run out of space or can’t open the closet door. Although it’s unlikely you’re going to run out of disk space for your photos (and you can easily buy a larger hard disk), the clutter can get in the way.  How you act on these files is a personal choice. I used to think I should keep everything, just in case that out-of-focus shot of the top of my shoe might turn out to be a masterpiece of surrealistic color.  I realize I don’t need to keep all my crummy photos.  
Clean Sweep for a New Year
Whether you’re actually sorting photos at the start of a new calendar year or just stealing time during a long weekend, you’ll end up with a cleaner library that contains the photos you want to see, organized in ways that make it easy to locate specific shots. Most important, you won’t have a chaotic library waiting for you when you start importing new batches of images.
Found these ideas on the internet and now I am going to run with it and hope that I can reduce some of the storage and then start printing photos.  
My first project I want to work on is Christmas over the years.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year  I can't wait to see them all together.