Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rainy Weekend At Home

Taking this Canada Day Long Weekend to spend quality time with my girls and crafting. Managed to get back on track with part of my Happiness project, cards are all ready for the mail.

Love that our little princess is so sweet and touches our heart always.  Found this grand idea on Canada Day T-Shirts.

This was super simple to do. Things you will need:

Red Fabric Paint
White T-Shirts
Rectangle Template.

I recommend to wash your shirts and iron before you start
I made a rectangle template out of a piece of cardboard to make the two sides.
Insert a piece of cardboard on the inside of shirt to prevent fabric paint from bleeding through
Place template on shirt and use a sponge brush to apply the red fabric paint.
Next cover your hand very well with the fabric paint and place firmly in the center and push down.  You need to be quick as this paint dries pretty quick.  The first attempt as you can see I didn't later my daughters hand in paint and it came out pretty faint.  Was hands with soap and warm water right away to avoid and staining.  Then lay on a flat surface to dry.  I recommend to lay flat for at least 24 hours.
Cannot wait for July 1 :) Family pictures will be a must.

Napkin Card
Finally found a pretty simple way to make napkin cards.  I had some left over napkins from my daughters 5th Birthday and wanted to create her a special little card not to mention a great idea for thank you cards.

First you need to use grab a pad of paper, cling wrap and napkins, and paper.

Step one cut cardstock to desired size and lay on top of a pad of paper
Step two place a piece of cling wrap slightly larger than cardstock

Step three place napkin on top of cling wrap. Bur first make sure napkin is only one ply. You will need to separate the back part of the napkin in order for this to work.
Step four place one or two sheets of plain paper on top of napkin

Step five you will then need your iron turned on to the wool setting or medium. Iron pressing firmly on top of plain paper for 15 to 20 seconds moving it slowly across the paper.
Let paper cool for about a minute and lift up sheets of paper and make sure that napkin has attached to card stock.  If edges are not secure repeat step five again.

There the final project a cute card for my daughter. Such a different approach to making cards.  Not to mention that there are some very fabulous napkins out there.