Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers Right?

Well I think we might be out of the clear from the white stuff.....but I shouldn't speak so soon.
Had a couple of really nice days and go to spend some time in the yard.  That make us all super happy. It has been a very LONG winter.

Have been trying to organize all my photos and negatives these past few weeks.  It is so much fun.  Enjoying every minute of it.  I love to go back and remember all the great time I have had and memories that were made.

Bought a great Epson scanner that works awesome at scanning all my negatives.  This is truly a very big job!

Right after our first daughter was born.  My big brother and his family.  
Notice the beautiful wallpaper, green light and rainbow lights.  
Gosh I forgot my parents house even had wallpaper.   

Day Brittney was born.  I will never forget this day and the help of my sister in law Brenda.

Best Friend and Cousin Keri, had amazing summers in Calgary Alberta

First trip to Vegas for a wedding.  This was the trip that started my love for VEGAS!!!

Yes just a few of the great memories I am seeing as I work along in this process.  
I am loving that I finally get the time to declutter and organize all these special events.