Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Is Finally Here!

Spring has finally sprung....well so it says.  With the first day of spring last week we got 4 cm of snow and below zero temperatures again. So sad I have to say I think I am officially tired of winter.  

What are some of your Spring Activities?

I created a list and wanted to share with you and hope that you can try some of these this spring.

Spring Family Fun Activities
-          Plant something green

-          Jog Outside

-          Ride a Bike

-          Visit a farm to see the animals

-          Fly a kite

-          Jump in Puddles

-          Blow bubbles

-          Feed the ducks at a pond

-          Find a playground and swing on the swings

-          Plan a spring break vacation

-          Draw with sidewalk chalk

-          Notice the trees budding

-          Listen to the birds singing

-          Listen to the rain

-          Leave windows open to catch a spring breeze

-          Send someone other than your mom a Mother’s Day card

-          Feel the sun on your face

-          Visit the zoo

Take photos to capture your Spring this year and share with me.