Saturday, March 8, 2014

Any One Interested in a Scrapbook Train Swap?

What is a Scrapbook Train?  

A scrapbook train is a traveling box of supplies.  The first person to start it fills it with whatever supplies they want, and sends it to the next person on the list.  The next person takes out whatever products they want and replaces them with some of there own to pass along.  It continues down the list with each person taking and adding supplies until it goes back to the first person again, who ends up with whatever is in the box.  What goes in the box is up to whomever decides to start one.  It could be 'paper only', 'embellishments', whatever you like.

Few Rules:

1. Take only what items you need.
2. Replace with some of your own items.(if you take out 4 items must replace with four items)
3. Try to include items that everyone will appreciate. 
4. Mail out ITEMS to the next rider on the list within 7 days.
5. Please provide enough postage so as not to delay (or perhaps derail) the train
6. If you are not going to be around to receive and/or send your train, you MUST contact me so we can make arrangements to go around you.

Need a minimum of 6 people to make the train work.  

Sign your name below if you are interested in participating and email me your name, address and email to

Let's have fun.