Sunday, February 2, 2014

Birthday Crafty Fun

Time to share with you all the crafts I did for my daughters 19th Birthday.

Made Chocolate/Vanilla Gluten Free Cupcake with my youngest.

Next it was time to make our cupcake flower pot.  The oldest daughter loves animal print so I found some zebra fabric and modge podge it onto a old flowerpot.  Then got a styrofoam 6" ball and covered it with green tissue. 

 Used some toothpicks to hold the cupcakes in place. Folded up so more green tissue paper to make it look like some leaves.

Made two pots like this and am super happy at how they turned out.  Please note I am not a professional at cake decorating but they didn't look so bad.

I was told by Brittney that I needed to make her a handmade card and since I found this cool tutorial on a folder card I wanted to try it out.  Plus worked well as a gift card or money holder too.

 Yes kept with the zebra animal print.  Had a great night celebrating her birthday with many family and friends.  She is one special girl. I am glad so many made it out to be apart of her Birthday.