Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Crafty Little Mommy

I love Pinterest and came across this wonderful idea for a Christmas present for my parents.  I gathered a bunch of photos of the family over the Christmas seasons.  I found tonnes of photos which I was sure I had since I am a crazy lady with a camera.  
I brought a tear to my dad's eye and made my mom cry like usual.  I thought I would share with you and hope that I am able to do the same for my dear mother in law next year.  I just have to find them pictures and with help from my sister in law hope she has some from years ago.  

Sorry I guess the only photo I took of this was with my phone.  Our whole family enjoyed it and great to see the changes over the years.

I was also able to make are oldest daughter shed a tear or two.  Her little sister made her this beautiful canvas (with the help of mommy ofcourse).  She is super excited to put it up on her wall.

Coming from our daughter she told me before Christmas that making gifts for family and friends was so much fun and she truly appreciated all the time and effort that went into making our gifts this year.  She felt more love for this gift than some of the others that where bought and wrapped.