Friday, November 8, 2013

Beautiful Little Store In A Small Town.....Calmar AB

I wanted to share this with all my friends that live in the Alberta area.  An old friend posted this on facebook the other day. 

Anyone going to Calmar anytime soon?..... My reply was I will go what ya need?  She wanted these beautiful reed diffusers in pine needles and berries.  Well since I work in Leduc, AB I figured Calmar is not that far of a drive I will go check it out.  I have fallen in love with this quaint little store on mainstreet in Calmar.  Lil Piece of Heaven  The staff was so wonderful, friendly and man do they have some beautiful pieces.  I spent a few dollars and was so happy as I drove off back to work.  Sent my dear friend a message to say that I picked up her diffuser today.  And such a nice post was placed on facebook thanking me so much for going.   So if you are out in the Leduc area head out and check them out Lil Piece of Heaven.

Here are a few photos of some of the items they stock. Check them out on facebook for more photos. 

Thanks for looking and have a great day.