Friday, August 9, 2013

Meal Maker with My Digital Studio (MDS)

Happy Friday!!!!
In life we get so busy and always seem to rush rush rush.  I have started to draft up my happiness resolution chart.  No I am not unhappy but seems to me we can all be that much happier. My chart in the making is such a great idea now just to try to follow it.  
I am sure one day it will be like second nature.  
Since I have been super slow at work I have found some time to get crafty and of course sit on Pinterest for what sometimes feels like hours.  One of my resolutions is to create my Meal Plan Mondays.  My Digital studio has a great digital download that is super easy and so quick Holiday List.  I found a great Meal Maker template. 
I hope with these simple little sheets I will get that much more organized and free up some time from trying to always find something to make once I get home from work.
Please share with me some of your great meals by leaving a comment or sending an email to Thanks for looking.