Monday, July 22, 2013

100 Things About Me (more than I am sure you care to know)

1. I love to Travel

2. My Favorite color is purple

3. I love being creative

4. I like to be organized

5. I danced for 10 years

6. My favorite camping trip is to Fairmont Hot Springs Resort BC

7. I Love Las Vegas

8. Favorite Soda is Pepsi

9. I like to watch Hockey NHL (Edmonton Oilers Fan)

10. My shoe size is 7

11. I have 5 half brothers

12. Was born in Edmonton AB

13.  I love photography

14.  I have 1 half sister

15.  I love to scrapbook

16. Favorite Movie.... I have lots right now Magic Mike

17. I have two beautiful daughters

18. I fell out of a shopping cart when I was a little girl

19. My first car was a Toyota Tercel

20. I like the smell of fresh cut grass

21. I am  and only child

22. My First job was McDonalds

23. I love to get my toes painted

24. Married my best friend

25. I love Christmas

26. I love Cuba

27. Favorite food is Chinese

28. I Like to Play in the Sand

29. I hate snakes

30. I like to take spur of the moment trips

31. One of my favorite drinks is a Vodka Paralyzer

32. I like to sun

33. I am not so fond of the snow

34. I love to Gamble

35. Never gone sky diving (and probably wont)

36. I like DIY projects

37. I am not a very good swimmer

38. I have to say I am a girl that loves to shop

39. I hate public speaking

40. Love my Mom & Dad

41. I really like the smell of fresh linen

42. I love clean floors

43. I hate clutter

44. I miss my Nana

45. I love to watch the fireworks

46. I am an average cook

47. I really am a reality TV junkie

48. Like to be creative

49. I love quite time with my children

50. I like to golf although not very good at it.

51. I love the Baked Garlic Shrimp at The Keg

52. I enjoy family vacations

53. I really don't like to be alone

54. I sometime cry during TV Commercials

55. I have a Sheltie named Cassie

56. I want a Ford Mustang

57. I am no gardener but I love plants

58. I am addicted to Pinterest

59. Favorite TV Show was 90210 and Beverly Hills 90210

60. I need to be more active

61. My husband is a Heavy Duty Mechanic

62. I really enjoy decorating for the holidays

63. I love craft time with the girls.

64. I have Magic Hair that Glows.... not really but I love Tangled

65. I like things that sparkle

66. I love warm sheets in the winter

67. I had my appendix removed when I was in grade 8

68. I am 5'2"

69. I am always going to be a Toys R Us Kid

70. My husband's family is wonderful and I love them all

71. I gained another sister and best friend when I married my husband

72. I love shoes (but who doesn't)

73. I like to make handmade cards

74. I like to read

75. I really want to see New York

76. I feel I am a very happy person

77. I do not like to get stressed out

78. I love Puma shoes

79. I like the lake and ocean

80. Cheer-leading is a sport

81. I enjoy going horseback riding

82. I like to take long walks

83. I have very blue eyes

84. I have been together with my husband for 16 years

85. I have wrinkly hands

86. I am allergic to cats

87. I love Tiffany and Co.

88. Pierced my belly button with I was 19 years old

89. Been married for 5 years

90. I grind my teeth when I sleep

91. I talk a lot (probably even in my sleep)

92. My one daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic

93. First love was when I was 17 years old

94. Had my first Tattoo when I was 20 years old

95. Spent my summers in Calgary AB with my favorite cousins

96. I love clean cupboards

97. I hate to fight....but like to be right

98. I am very new to Blogging

99.  I don't like to wear socks

100.  I loved making this top 100 things about me <3